#38 - Police Brutality and #BlackLivesMatter

July 21, 2016

Oh hello! Today's show sees us trying something a little different - as well as your awesome topic suggestions, we'll also be taking a weekly look at whatever hot topic is doing the rounds (and trying to sum it up in 3:16, naturally.) Today we're talking about police brutality and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, so load up on molotovs, click the play button above and stick it to The Man.

Thanks to Calandal for today's topic suggestion. You guys keep all the bizarre and, frankly, worrying topics coming and we'll tackle the hot goss in between.

And since everything is basically horrible right now what with all the mass shootings, awful politics and celebrity deaths, I made a motto for the entire year of 2016:

As mentioned on the show, we've got a bonus episode on Pokemon GO for those of you who support either of us on Patreon. I've chatted about it already on Youtube (see below) but it was really interesting to hear Jenny's take on the phenomenon, so if you chip in $1 you get to hear that as well as how I like to yell at other players at 3:30AM. Here's Jenny's Patreon page, and here's mine.

Even more Pokemon GO talk, because god alone knows it's all we'll be hearing for the next six months:

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Zeke & Jenny

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July 18, 2016

Nobody wanted it, but you can bet your bottom dollar (and I do) that everyone will be racing to buy tickets once they hear my brilliant ideas for ZEKECON. Don't be weak - hit the play button above to get a cheeky peek of Zeke!

Thanks to KB for coming up with the concept of a me-themed convention in the first place, and thanks to me for developing it into the best idea in the history of community events.

See you there, Zeke Freaks.

Until next time,

#36 - North VS South

July 12, 2016

It's a battle for the ages as today on The 3:16 we're arguing over which side of the country is best... right after we figure out which side we're supposed to be on. Saddle up the cavalry, assassinate your president in a theatre and hit the play button button above because we're about to start a civil war!

Give a big hand to Pete "Ol' Cantankerous" Little for today's topic, and also a big thanks from me for his continued support on Patreon. Go follow him on Twitter and tell him we said hello! Also remind him that Scotland is back that way.

In other news, we've got a new way for you to keep abreast of the latest tiny podcasts: if you'd like to add it to your Youtube subscriptions, we've now got a dedicated channel! All of the back episodes are up, and the latest episodes will appear in your feed at the same time as they go live here. Go hit the subscribe button, yo.

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#35 - Would You Rather Fart Light or Burp Streamers?

July 8, 2016

On today's episode of the 3:16, Graham realises that as he's now not on the show he gets to request his own topics. The guy co-hosts 30+ episodes, finally finds himself on the listener side of the equation, and THIS is what he comes up with. Hit the play button above, because it's about to get mighty windy in here.

Also occurred to me that if you chose the farting light option, you could help the SETI Institute search for extra terrestrial life - just point your bare arse up to the crisp night's sky and let 'er rip. Some civilisation out there is bound to pick it up sooner or later.

Keep those topics coming. There's now a handy email form on the top right (if you're on the desktop version of the site.)

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#34 - Brexit

July 5, 2016

Well, it had to happen eventually - Daven Yun and Dragonivon wanted us to talk about our reaction to the UK leaving the European Union, and by talk I assumed they meant scream into a microphone for three minutes. Click the play button above before it comes over here and takes all our jobs!

Here's the Downfall meme Jenny mentions at the beginning, which sums it up pretty well. There's also a great collection of resources in that video description that explains clearly what's going on, because we sure as hell didn't during this show.

Boiling it down further with a dose of exceptionally biting satire, here's the video I put out just before the EU referendum. It only took two days before Britain proved that it wasn't really parody after all:

(If you support me on Patreon, you can see a video of me recording the soundtrack to this if you like the idea of watching a grown man make monkey noises in his attic.)

Keep on suggesting hugely complex, rapidly changing global political events that we can explore fully in three minutes down in the comments below, and we'll catch you next time!

Assuming the country hasn't exploded by then.

#33 - Banning Visible Tattoos in the Workplace?

July 1, 2016

Sit down, roll up your sleeves, then roll them back down again because you've got a stupid hentai tattoo on your forearm as Jenny and Zeke discuss whether or not visible tattoos should be banned from the workplace. Get the play button above inked onto your bicep! OR MAYBE JUST CLICK IT?

Many thanks to returning champion Carol Todhunter for today's topic suggestion. Here's that article I referenced during the show, in which a teacher had a falling out with a Catholic school over her extensive ink - have a read and let me know what you make of it.

Ultimately, you're an idiot if you think people aren't going to judge you on your appearance. You have every right to get tattoos, but everyone else has got the right to treat you differently based on them. Maybe rightly, maybe wrongly, but that's reality and if you can't handle it then maybe you shouldn't have gotten that swastika tattoo on your forehead.


Here's some videos of me getting my arm tattoos done: right armleft arm. Perhaps if people are worried about what others are going to think of their tattoos, the solution is to get better tattoos. Like mine. They're awesome.

Drop a topic for us to discuss next time in the comments! Also, Jenny has promised to get the very first tattoo suggested below. I've written it down on the internet now, so it's binding.

Until next time,

#32 - Top 10 Actionable Strategies for a Hostile Alien Takeover

June 28, 2016

With the new Independence Day movie getting kicked seven ways to Pluto by the critics, today's episode of the 3:16 Show sees Jenny and Zeke thrash out a plan for an alien attack (which also serves as a basis for the next ID screenplay. You're welcome, Hollywood.) We will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight - we're going to live on, we're going to survive, because today we celebrate our Pressing The Play Button Above day!

Many thanks to Christopher Ford of fellow pod buddies The Great Divide for today's topic suggestion, and to everyone who left a lovely welcome note for Jenny.

Keep on dropping your topics for discussion in the comments below or via Twitter, and don't forget that you can now subscribe to The 3:16 via iTunesAndroidRSS and email (there are also buttons on the right if you're on the desktop version of the site.)

And given that my attack plan involved giving up and Jenny's was laughably primitive, feel free to let us know your actionable strategy. It's hard, man. The aliens have got lasers and everything.

Pew pew pew,

#31 - Are Offensive Jokes Funny?

June 24, 2016

Oh, hello! Join me in ushering in a brand new era of this podcast as we welcome co-host Jenny to the show - to kick things off, we have a rather civilized discussion on the topic of controversial humour and the nature of offense itself. Kick off the all-new 3:16 Podcast by hitting the play button above, you p&#% of f*£#@ing s%$#!

Thanks to everyone for bearing with me as I got things back on track. Really glad to be back to it, and I'm sure you'll join me in giving Jen a big hand down in the comments below.

More importantly though, we could do with topping up the ol' topic bank for future. Got something you want Jenny and I to talk about in just over a few minutes? Head on down to the comments below and throw us a topic bomb!

Back to two episodes a week, Tuesdays and Fridays (that's the plan, anyway.)

See you next Tuesday,
Zeke x


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#30 - Oh, Goodbye!

June 2, 2016

Sad, if not totally unpredictable, news on the podcast today topped off with a lot of optimism for the future. I explain the situation behind the periods of inactivity, and the plan for the future - don't delay for weeks on end, hit the play button above!

Hopefully I made it clear that the parting of ways is entirely amicable and we're both a-ok. Here's to Graham's continued dominance in the indie music sphere - be sure to check out the lad's fine work using the links below. I hear he's got some awesome stuff coming up.

Twitter: @RavingWild
Soundcloud: Raving Wild

Catch you in a couple of weeks, guys. Take a wild stab in the dark as to who the new co-host may be, or perhaps even who'd you'd like to team me up with if you could pick anyone on the planet...

Until next time,

#29 - Pi Vs. Pie

May 6, 2016

Today's episode sees a battle between the savioury and the circular as we discuss the cultural merits of two very similar sounding words, which is brilliant for an audio podcast. By popular demand, special guest Bulgarian Hristo returns for another episode - hit the play button above and enjoy a dose of 3.14 in 3:16!

A huge thanks to Christopher Ford for this mathematically delicious topic. Mr. Ford's own geek-fueled podcast is also well worth checking out (and has the best logo for a podcast I've ever seen.) Go listen to The Great Divide, yo!


P.s: And because you were wondering, yeah, it was the Egyptians who first thought about the non-edible Pi. They got within 1% of the true value, which is pretty good going given that they lived in triangle houses and believed cats were gods.