#46 - Fake News Sites

November 19, 2016

Oh hello! I bet you forgot this show existed. To be fair, so did I. But after another lengthy hiatus, The 3:16 Podcast is back for more bite-sized chunks of audio entertainment, and this time I'm flying solo on a topic that has recently come to the fore: should social media ban satirical news sites? Hit the play button above or Freddie Starr will eat your hamster!

Many years ago I used to write for a fake news site, and it ended up getting a decent amount of traffic. Only problem was, the owner was resting on his laurels and collecting a fair chunk of ad revenue and not paying any of the writers. This got on my nerves, especially when the editorial policy descended to "we'll publish absolutely anything that lands in our inbox", so I did the only logical and sensible thing: I stole an article from The Onion, sent it to them using a random gmail account, and waiting for it to get published without question.

When it did, I then contacted The Onion and was all "hey, these guys are stealing your stuff."

The website in question folded pretty soon after that.



Speaking of less-than-accurate news, this whole thing reminds me of the time that I nearly made it into the Daily Mail with an entirely fabricated story about giant rats. It quickly got WAY out of hand, and I ended up looking a bit silly. Not being able to get into a paper that'll publish any old tosh is fairly pitiful, but it made for one hell of a story. I never get tired of rewatching the above video.

That's all I've got for today. What have you got? Topic suggestions? Good job, old son. Drop them in the comments below.

Until next time,