#44 - YouTube’s Insane New Guidelines

September 6, 2016

It's the return of the 3:16, and this time your old pal Zeke has brought in a topic of his own: YouTube's baffling, and alarming, new guidelines on how to please the advertiser overlords. Are they a form of censorship? What exactly do they consider to be 'inappropriate'? The guys explore the implications - hit the play button above for some non-offensive, family friendly content!

The gap between shows is down to Jenny delivering the goods with Food Week, and me being busy with... well, nothing really. I just forgot to set my alarm and woke up three weeks late.

I did, however, manage to make a video expanding on today's topic in more detail, unpacking many of the things that we started discussing in this episode. If you want a run-down of how YouTube's new 'advertiser-friendly' policies screw over EVERYONE, perhaps give this a little watch:

We'll catch you next time as we return to listener-suggested topics! Don't forget to support Jenny on her mission to get into space.