#40 - C3P0’s Genitals vs. Chewbacca’s Face

July 30, 2016

Jenny's back in the zone and faced with one of the most pressing dilemmas of our time: would you rather have C3P0's genitals (whatever that means) or Chewbacca's face? We duke it out and explore the implications on episode four-oh of the three-one-six - Artoo says that the probability of you hitting the play button above is 751 to 1.

Here's that trading card I mentioned:

Jenny went off and found a Snopes entry on it, but I'm still baffled at the explanation that it's just an unfortunate case of lighting and timing. I also tracked someone down who said they brought it up to Anthony Daniels in person during a Q&A, and he said the same thing. Seriously, it doesn't explain either this card or how the hell it made it to the public without someone along the production line going "hang on, are we really rolling with the golden boner card?"

And the sellotape holder Jen then found:

The mind boggles.

Thanks to returning champ KB for dreaming up this utter madness. Got a 'would you rather?' you'd like to pitch for a future episode? Get down to the comments with ye!

Until next time,