#39 - Special Guest: Zeke’s Mother!

July 27, 2016

Zeke being intoxicated isn't unique to this podcast, but today's very special guest is! Join mother and son as we settle down after a whole day of drinking to discuss whether or not the entire world being made out of food would be a good thing - if you don't hit the play button above, you'll get grounded for a week.

Many thanks to me for today's brilliant topic, and an even bigger thanks to my mum for giving birth to me, patiently putting up with my crap for three decades, then letting me come round this afternoon to eat all her food before insisting she joins me on a podcast. 

You guys only have to put up with me for about 10 minutes a week. She's had to put up with me for 32 years.

That's not just great parenting, it's sainthood.


Go follow my mum online. She's not on Twitter or Youtube or Snapchat or whatever, but she does have a Grindr account. That was the result of a very huge, confusing mistake.

Jenny returns next episode for regular programming. 

Until next time,
Zeke & Beverley