#38 - Police Brutality and #BlackLivesMatter

July 21, 2016

Oh hello! Today's show sees us trying something a little different - as well as your awesome topic suggestions, we'll also be taking a weekly look at whatever hot topic is doing the rounds (and trying to sum it up in 3:16, naturally.) Today we're talking about police brutality and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, so load up on molotovs, click the play button above and stick it to The Man.

Thanks to Calandal for today's topic suggestion. You guys keep all the bizarre and, frankly, worrying topics coming and we'll tackle the hot goss in between.

And since everything is basically horrible right now what with all the mass shootings, awful politics and celebrity deaths, I made a motto for the entire year of 2016:

As mentioned on the show, we've got a bonus episode on Pokemon GO for those of you who support either of us on Patreon. I've chatted about it already on Youtube (see below) but it was really interesting to hear Jenny's take on the phenomenon, so if you chip in $1 you get to hear that as well as how I like to yell at other players at 3:30AM. Here's Jenny's Patreon page, and here's mine.

Even more Pokemon GO talk, because god alone knows it's all we'll be hearing for the next six months:

Until next time,
Zeke & Jenny

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