#35 - Would You Rather Fart Light or Burp Streamers?

July 8, 2016

On today's episode of the 3:16, Graham realises that as he's now not on the show he gets to request his own topics. The guy co-hosts 30+ episodes, finally finds himself on the listener side of the equation, and THIS is what he comes up with. Hit the play button above, because it's about to get mighty windy in here.

Also occurred to me that if you chose the farting light option, you could help the SETI Institute search for extra terrestrial life - just point your bare arse up to the crisp night's sky and let 'er rip. Some civilisation out there is bound to pick it up sooner or later.

Keep those topics coming. There's now a handy email form on the top right (if you're on the desktop version of the site.)

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