#30 - Oh, Goodbye!

June 2, 2016

Sad, if not totally unpredictable, news on the podcast today topped off with a lot of optimism for the future. I explain the situation behind the periods of inactivity, and the plan for the future - don't delay for weeks on end, hit the play button above!

Hopefully I made it clear that the parting of ways is entirely amicable and we're both a-ok. Here's to Graham's continued dominance in the indie music sphere - be sure to check out the lad's fine work using the links below. I hear he's got some awesome stuff coming up.

Twitter: @RavingWild
Soundcloud: Raving Wild

Catch you in a couple of weeks, guys. Take a wild stab in the dark as to who the new co-host may be, or perhaps even who'd you'd like to team me up with if you could pick anyone on the planet...

Until next time,