#29 - Pi Vs. Pie

May 6, 2016

Today's episode sees a battle between the savioury and the circular as we discuss the cultural merits of two very similar sounding words, which is brilliant for an audio podcast. By popular demand, special guest Bulgarian Hristo returns for another episode - hit the play button above and enjoy a dose of 3.14 in 3:16!

A huge thanks to Christopher Ford for this mathematically delicious topic. Mr. Ford's own geek-fueled podcast is also well worth checking out (and has the best logo for a podcast I've ever seen.) Go listen to The Great Divide, yo!


P.s: And because you were wondering, yeah, it was the Egyptians who first thought about the non-edible Pi. They got within 1% of the true value, which is pretty good going given that they lived in triangle houses and believed cats were gods.