#28 - Throbbing Inspector

May 3, 2016

The worm has turned! Graham surprises Zeke with a topic this time, and brings in a random Bulgarian off the street to help out - can Zeke guess what a bunch of Magic: The Gathering cards do solely based on their title? Can he do it in just 3:16? Probably. Tap a swamp and push the play button above!

A big thanks to special guest Hristo Nikolov for evading border control and helping out with today's topic/challenge. Hristo is a professional Magic and Warhammer player! Imagine that! You can (and should) follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Over to you. Keep on leaving your topic suggestions in the comments or sending them to us direct, and riddle me this:

What do YOU think a 'Throbbing Inspector' is?

Jesus wept.

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